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Donic Bluefire M3
5.00 (4 reviews) Price: $60
Posted 1469626426 ago
5.00 (5.00)
  • Spinny
  • Loop
  • Fun
  • Durability
I used it on my forehand. The blue sponge is cool! This is the most flexible rubber I know of, When holding the fresh new sheet, it flexes so easily. It takes about a week to break in. I think this is a good softer, higher throw alternative to Tenergy 64-FX. I bought it at a discount.

It is awesome for looping. The ball is catapulted with good speed, spin and sound. The arc is pretty high indeed, so it is great for looping backspin. Looping is this rubber's strength, but it might be too bouncy for beginners to fully grip the ball. That being said, the topsheet is very grippy. It is one of the spinniest rubbers I have played with.

Serves are awesome too. My previous rubber was Hurricane 2 Neo. With the Bluefire, I developed my feeling of the ball sinking into the rubber. The serves are very spinny, when the ball sinks into the topsheet (maybe not the sponge, though) and gets catapulted. All kinds of serves work well.

Pushing and short game is a little bouncy. Flicking with the backhand is effortless, but the ball can go long, as it is a high throw and bouncy rubber.

Durability is not as good as the Sriver G2-FX. The grip goes away quicker. It died after a year. But it is still fine.

Overall, a very fun rubber to play with. It makes your shots POP with spin and effortlessly imparted speed, which allows for all kinds of crazy sidespin or slap hits. I would not recommend it to beginners, but to players who have some good touch already.
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