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Donic Bluefire M3
5.00 (4 reviews) Price: $60
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5.00 (5.00)
So I was using some cheaper Chinese rubbers like Geospin and 729 and was trying to develop my loop into the game but struggling so I had a go with a cork handled blade fitted with Bluefire M2's and couldn't believe how the ball dipped and shot of the table with the same technique I had been using.

So I brought a couple of the slower M3 Max to try and they have really helped me develop my forehand and now backhand loop. I think they are a rubber that really rewards the proper technique, I would almost say they are a development rubber for people wanting to bring a loop into their game, they can save a lot of imperfect shots as they grab the ball well and generate a lot of spin but when you settle down and plant your feet you really can generate a lovely fast dipping shot.

Flicking and blocking are great also, flat hitting I find the forehand a little too bouncy (excuse my lack of technical terms) and chopping is ok but having used Chinese rubbers I found them a lot easier to chop with.

I am really happy with the M3 Max on my backhand but am now going to try the 2mm M2 on my forehand in the hope that I will produce a more penetrating ball flight with a bit more speed.

Just one more thing when I first used these rubbers they seemed to spring the ball everywhere almost to the point where I thought I had made a mistake but other people I spoke to said they were the same until they had been run in, apparently this is normal.

And they are heavy but I like that.
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