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Stiga Calibra Tour H
3.00 (4 reviews) Price: $80
Posted 1496865221 ago
Nothing that surprises
3.00 (3.00)
  • Insensitive spin
  • Good block
  • Good Flicks
  • Not fast
It is a rubber that has enough to offer, does not really have any grip, but the structure of the pimples allow to do loops and topspin with good rotation. To have nothing tacky is very insensitive to the spin so the reception is quite easy when making flicks with the backhand. Usually I use Tenergy 05 but this rubber has been on offer, the angle is medium and sometimes medium high depending on the strength of the loop or the topspin, in flat strokes if you do not measure well it most likely ends on the net. To block is a wonder both passive and surprise, to counterattack I like a lot because they come out balls with good rotation and good speed, never and never as a tenergy or as an evolution but leaves a good experience. It is average in services everything depends on the technique. I liked it more for the forehand than for the backhand. Before I used a Tenergy 05 they do not compare at all, but for the price I can not fault it. Now to see how it performs after 1 month of use. I recommend it to intermediate players or beginner players in development.
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