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Andro Rasant Grip
5.00 (9 reviews) Price: $72
Posted 1425305019 ago
Great short-to mid Distance play
5.00 (5.00)
  • Perfect loops
  • Excellent spin
  • Excellent Flick
  • Durability
Hi .... Now it is about one month I have been playing with this rubber. Initially i was confused from the throw angle on my FH so i played with it on BH ..where it is just perfect. But now i get used to it also on my FH and it is great for Power loops and Spin .. On push game it is very spiny but also a little bit more sensitive to incoming spin ... but you can easily master the incoming spin after a while. And what is the best about this Rubber is the sound ... I like it when you just hit it with power ... wow. Of course the serves are just really hard to return ... lot of spin.

Ok after a while of playing with this rubber (i have tried off+ and all blades with it)i love it for the backhand .. the flicks are just unstoppable ,very High speed can be produced only from a fast wrist movement .... But touch play is a little bit harder with it .Short to net is ok but the transition to back line is hard to get in hand .. the sponge is really reactive and need to practice to get the good feeling for this.

Just great rubber...

Only think is the durability, after a month of playing I can already see my finger movements on bottom of the rubber, so im really afraid how long it will last.
Ok after four months of playing (4 times per week, 1.5 hour practice) the top sheet is ok .... (i clean it with tap water at the end of the day ) only the finger parts is absolutely destroyed . (maybe the salt from fingers ? but my DHS NEO H3 has no issues at all so i do not now) .

ps.: i bought it for 33 Euro from internet store.

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