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Andro Rasant Grip
5.00 (9 reviews) Price: $72
Posted 1485256010 ago
Control first, but power aplenty
5.00 (5.00)
  • Feeling
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  • flat hits
After playing with a few months, trying both BH and FH, I find my spins -- both slow and spinny and powerdrives -- gained a lot. On the backhand, the excellent crisp feel compared with a long dwell allowed my to experiment in variations, and I've added a very slow and very spinny service return/underspin opening to my repertoire. On my FH, I went through the same and added a few more high gears to my countertopspin attacks.

Coming from somewhat harder rubbers, I'm still busy adjusting for all-out flat smashes and aggressive, direct openings. Anything spinny is a breeze. Blocks are also excellent, ranging from very passive blocks (bouncing twice on the opponent's side) to very aggressive speed monsters. These require very little and subtle leg, hip, torso, shoulder, arm, wrist action but can be devastating -- and always extremely precise, and controlled. I'll be seeking the limits of this beasty for an extensive period before exploring anything else. Would buy again and will not change in the foreseeable future.

I've tried it with a Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon, a Timo Boll ALC and an Andro Treiber K. It worked well on all, with the Treiber K winning out on depth of feeling and subtlety of play, the OCC having the upper hand when it comes to sheer explosive power, and the TB ALC inbetweenish (but closer to the Treiber K than to the OCC).
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