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    BoRSaCi's review on Stiga Airoc S

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    Stiga Airoc S
    3.00 (10 reviews) Price: $85
    3.00 [3.00]Power shots, less spin
    • Power shots
    • Control
    • Drive
    • Spin
    I've bought this rubber for my FH to test. Very similar to Tour series. To be honest, I hated on my FH in means of spin. Totally frustrated. I couldn't hold more than 2 weeks, switched to Tenergy 05 and took a deep breath. This rubber is very disappointing in means of spin.

    If you play in mid/far range, you notice the strength-power-more spin of the rubber and If you play all-a-around, you can enjoy with this rubber. BUT...
    If you are more close/mid range player, this rubber is not for you.

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