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    Outerveneer's review on Stiga Airoc S

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    Stiga Airoc S
    5.00 (10 reviews) Price: $85
    5.00 [5.00]Great with the new ball
    • Feeling
    • Control
    • Suits new ball
    I think that Airoc S is a very good soft rubber with much control and feeling with a clear and nice sound. This rubber is well suited for the poly ball and I think Stiga has manage to design the rubber great with the new ball in mind. The rubber is very soft so I recommend it for all round players who prefer soft rubbers with a balance between speed and control. The topsheet makes it easy to get spiny short serves and returns.

    The rubber has a pretty flat trajectory and I mostly recommend it as a backhand rubber. It is not the fastest rubber out there and can sometimes lacks a little power from the back in my opinion thats why I play with Airoc M. Airoc S is as durable as my Airoc M which still feels almost completely new after playing with the same rubber for almost two month now. I think Airoc S Is overall a great soft rubber and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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    Flash Gordon
    play with this now and suits my backand topspin perfekt. love soft rubbers on backhand
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