It is a very balanced rubber that does well in most aspects. Compared to Sriver, it is like an improved version in every department, but it is softer, less tacky and maybe lower throw. It has a very soft and flexible topsheet.

It is ok for looping, topspins are not very fast or spinny, but it can be very spinny if you brush a lot. It has a low throw, so it is good for backhand loops, as you can play a very strong and brushed shot and it will still land on the table. I like it for RPB. However, I sometimes find it difficult to grip the ball (compared to other ESN and H3), which is surprising, given the softness.

For pushes, it is not very spinny, but it has that soft topsheet and sponge that absorb the ball, so the control is great. It is not sensitive to spin. I find it OK for the short game, not too bouncy. For the usual backhand flick, ou have to brush a lot, so it is a little difficult.

At first, I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of spin, but it got better after breaking in. It helped me develop my backhand loop, as it forces me to use good technique, especially for backhand open ups.

It is very durable, I do not train but I play casually very often and the rubber died after 2 years. I still find it very expensive for its performance.

Overall, it is a very balanced rubber. You will get good control and decent spin and speed if you have a good technique. I am not sure if it is good for beginners, as it is not very easy to play with. I think the original Sriver is better for learning.