Stiga Stiga Dynasty Carbon (Xu Xin)

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The Stiga Dynasty Carbon is the blade that Xu Xin has been using since the switch to plastic balls. This blade comes in two versions: the regular version and the Xu Xin version. The only difference between the versions is that the Xu Xin version has Xu Xin's signature on the blade, and has a personally-designed holographic lens on the handle. This blade was developed in coordination with Xu Xin, for Xu Xin's playing style.

The Dynasty Carbon is a 5+2 composite blade with TeXtreme+ carbon fiber. The goal of creating this blade was to provide the feeling and vibration of a wood blade, whilst still allowing the user to hit the ball fast, like with a carbon blade. As such, the carbon fiber layers are extremely thin (barely visible when looking at the side of the blade) and they only engage when hitting the ball hard and fast.

Many online retailers will list the Dynasty Carbon as an OFF+ blade. It is fast, but it is not nearly as fast as standard OFF+ blades like Viscaria.