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Stiga Premium Compact CS The World Class table with the unique and safe Super Compact System. This model is ready assembled for playing. The premium Compact is ITTF approved
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    Posted 10-24-2015
    Mikael Berglund's Avatar Mikael Berglund Reviews(13)
    5.00 Gold standard
    • Stability
    • Sturdy
    This is the gold standard of non-showcourt tables. You can see them being played at the highest international level down to leisure games. New tables have a matte finish. Over years of use the surface may turn into a glossier one. The tables are solid and can be moved and stored on a daily basis. The bounce is even and consistent, even on the edges, altough the sound is different.

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    Posted 04-17-2015
    Old School's Avatar Old School Reviews(8)
    5.00 As good as it gets?
    • Top quality
    • Easy to store
    • Easy to move
    I have had the pleasure to play on this table at my club and it's a superb table. The surface is matte to reduce glare and smooth but not slippery.
    The bounce is superb and speed is top notch, the ball rly grips the table surface when you hit a topspin shot producing great speed of the bounce.

    The table it self comes per-assembled and it can be moved around and set up by a single person with ease.

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