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  27. need tips for pressure and training
  28. Need help... Please please please !!
  29. some tips for me, i am a new player
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  41. Comparisson
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  52. Which sponge thickness am i using now ?
  53. backhand flick off backspin
  54. Which side to put the heavier rubber on if the same rubber is used on both sides.
  55. Game style
  56. Anti Rubbers
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  64. Help
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  72. serve
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  81. Where to contact my racket to the ball during a reverse pendulum serve ?
  82. i want buy DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National (blue sponge)
  83. how to grip the racket during a pendulum serve ?
  84. how to efficiently brush the ball during a serve ?
  85. ask help for right rubber to my style
  86. Which side of rubber to use for forehand and backhand?
  87. Upgrade help from "Yasaka Sweden Extra with VEGA PRO "
  88. Improving my reverse pendulum backspin serve.
  89. spin in my pendulum serve.
  90. Xiom rubbers equipment
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  94. What are the Best Stiga Rubbers For Speed and Spin?
  95. Need help building a new paddle
  96. I am 15 years old, what is the chance of becoming a professional?
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  98. How long does a player stay intermediate ?
  99. rubbers suitable for a carbon off + and kevlar carbon off blade
  100. Switching inverted rubber in BH to Anti Spin BH
  101. Do you think this volleyball shoe is suitable for table tennis ?
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