View Full Version : Forum confusing layout and too many sub categories

03-28-2015, 07:50 PM
Hello I just registered to come and get some pointers or suggestions but I wanted to mention the forum is extremely difficult to navigate. There is just too much going on and the sub categories are rather annoying and confusing. It really makes browsing a pain and it breaks the flow. Kinda reminds me of people putting folders within folders to hide their porn stash and then they spread it evenly among other folders in case somebody finds the first stash and deletes it, but not all is lost as there is a another decent split buried on D:\ drive.
The first thing for example is if I go to a category i can see topics being posted, yet at the same time there is sub category with even more topics posted. To make matters worst every rubber has it's own brand sub category. Andro, Adidas, Joola, Donic etc.. so if I wanted to ask what rubber would you recommend, do I post it in each category or try to back off a few sub categories and just post it in the main category? What about blades?
It's very confusing where to ask some uncertain question, whether they go in general talk, equipment, table tennis with the pro's, or hell it could be even an offtopic question. I hope admins take these notes and consider making this site a bit less hectic to surf through. Apart from that the forum is very nice and I'm already reading some great feedback on improving game.

04-05-2015, 03:15 AM
If you were thinking of posting a thread, just post in the general category if you are not sure where to put it. If Dan decides it should be somewhere else, he will put it in the right category. As far as reading posts, you could just start with the most recent post list.