View Full Version : What is the difference between DHS neo national hurricane 3 and just DHS neo hurrican

10-12-2015, 11:36 PM
Besides price

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10-13-2015, 03:11 AM
The supposed difference between commercial DHS Neo Hurricane 3 and the national version is the consistency and the sponge hardness. My understanding is that they make a huge sheet of rubber and then the centre cuts are meant to be the most consistent and the consistency somewhat drops as they get towards the edges of this huge sheet. So the national versions are from close to centre, provincial versions are a bit further out from centre and commercial versions are closer to the edges. A bit like different select pieces of cuts of beef cost quite differently at a butchers when you are buying beef.

There are also blue sponge versions as well, I was told these are generally a bit softer in terms of sponge hardness but I am not really sure about that. As far as I know the Blue sponge national versions are generally the most expensive, with prices around the cost of Tenergy or even maybe around $80 USD which is more than Tenergy

10-13-2015, 05:15 AM
I really do not believe this .... in this case there has to be be the same amount of National and provincial versions of Rubbers, which is nonsense.