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10-20-2015, 08:37 PM
Two important players of the Chinese Team are currently not in a good condition due to injuries and this can affect the whole team in a big way. According to the head coach, injuries are the worst opponents that they can have. Sometimes they experience more pressure from injuries compared to their real opponents.
Sina Sports. The Chinese Team are facing serious problems on injuries currently and Liu Guoliang somehow associates it to the recent reforms ITTF has imposed.
“Injuries are the biggest enemies of the athletes. They are also our scariest opponents. There are times that the pressure from the opponents are not as big from the injuries. I personally feel that the occurrence of a lot of injuries has a relation with the constant revisions of the ITTF.” [[Liu Guoliang]] started.
The most recent reform that was imposed by the ITTF was the change to the plastic ball. Although the change was justified, it still took a toll on some players.
“Especially the the recent change to the plastic ball and the change in size and glue, all of those changes consume a lot of energy from our players. If there is such a big load, the training will be much longer and more physically demanding.” The head coach explained.
Although Liu Guoliang sited the relation between the injuries and the revisions of the ITTF, he knows that there are no excuses in not preventing such injuries.
“We will strengthen the prevention of injuries. Speaking about injuries, the most important thing is prevention not cure.” Liu Guoliang concluded.
Photo source: China News
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