View Full Version : Speed Glue used as per water based glue

01-04-2016, 07:35 AM
Hi Guys, I have a bottle of Haifu Blue Whale ii speed glue and was wondering if I can just use it as my regular glue? I have DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers & boost with Falco Long Booster, can I just use the speed glue just to stick the DHS onto my blade and leave it there as per water based glue (I do not want to re-apply every day for the speed glue effect etc).

Please do not respond regarding the legality of speed glue & ITTF rules etc - sorry but this is totally not what this thread is about :-)
Completely regardless of speed glue effect - is Haifu Blue Whale ii a superior glue to water based for simply the gluing aspects??

Thanks so much.