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ze wizard
03-05-2016, 10:41 PM
Hello Everyone ,

You have all the information on our website : http://www.b75.dk/
English version : http://www.b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_GB.pdf
Danish version : http://www.b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/sommerlejr_2016_DK.pdf
French version : http://www.b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_F.pdf
Italien version : http://b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_it.pdf
Spanish version : http://b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_ES.pdf

The B75 international Table Tennis Summer Camp
“Would you like to experience a camp where your ideas are listened to and highly valued as the main driving force behind the camp’s existence?”

The B75 camp is a multicultural meeting place for table tennis enthusiasts such as neurological scientists, psychologists, physiotherapists, coaching professionals, pedagogues, table tennis trainers, table tennis leaders and sparring partners. Our aim is to create an environment that maximizes the table tennis training experience for each participant regardless of their age, gender, ability or cultural background.

The camp is based on modern pedagogical principles and Lars Rokkjær’s theories and experiences in creating an optimal high performance training environments that stimulate human learning, motivation and personal development.
This is enabled by attracting top global professionals that coach through a meaningful interaction with the players, which is based on presence,
mutual understanding, genuine care and active listening.

The camp’s goal is to elevate the players’ level of self-recognition by encouraging them to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning and development. It also allows the coaches to reflect on their own experiences creating a source for inspiration, skill development and continuous improvement. Another aspect that makes the camp unique is the structure of feedback between coaches and players as well as between the players themselves.
Coaches and players meet in reflecting dialogues before and after each training session, which are based on the player’s own experience of the
practice in relation to their personal goal.

We are also delighted that in November 2015, B75 was approved by the ITTF as one of their “HOT SPOT” network as part of their Education and Training Program. Our “Hot Spot” primary target group are the coaches, therefore where appropriate, we will offer education for coaches in parallel with the camp. This will also enhance the player experience.

If you wish to be one of the five active trainees, together with three coaches where you accompany them during their planning, reflection and training the cost is the same as the players.

On behalf of B75 we wish you a very warm welcome to our camp!

ze wizard
03-18-2016, 03:00 PM
French version : http://www.b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_F.pdf


ze wizard
04-29-2016, 03:40 PM
Italien version : http://b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_it.pdf

Spanish version : http://b75.dk/images/PDF/Sommerlejr_2016/Summercamp_2016_ES.pdf