View Full Version : Stiga Genesis S rubber with Haifu Oil

08-10-2016, 09:43 PM
I couldn't find any useful info on the recently released Stiga Genesis S rubber so i thought I'd share this on the forum

Having used the DHS Neo3 Provincial (blue sponge) on my forehand for the last 6 months in conjunction with Haifu Oil i have loved the effect it has had on my game. On my backhand i have used Stiga Calibra Tour S, Sound and Airoc Astro S (boosted) and loved all but the Sound.

However i wanted to try the new Genesis S once i heard it has the Chinese top sheet and Euro Sponge- as an equipment junkie i couldnt resist teaming it up with the DHS Hurricane Neo 3

I couldnt find info on how to boost it so i have taken the plunge and used 3 layers Haifu oil on it- like DHS it domes after 2nd layer -

I have returned from a practice session and i have to say i am really impressed:cool:

Very very spinny low arc backhand looping with pace was easy.
Blocking was great too i was able to attack from close to mid distance off my backhand and produce some wonderful speed and spin that i havent experienced as often with my other combos mentioned above

On my OSP ultimate blade i now have my perfect combination for my game...now for the bad news
The oil i have been using is £50 for 100ml and lasts about a year (6 changes of rubber on my 2 blades )

Thanks Stiga and the collaboration of euro/chinese work


08-11-2016, 08:34 AM
Thank you for the information Mark, I have not tried the S version yet. But I really like the Genesis M version so far, really grippy! Have you tried the M version and maybe can compare the two?

08-11-2016, 10:46 AM
Hi and thanks for your reply
I haven't tried the M version but may buy for my 2nd blade in future- I have today posted a fuller review for you to read under the equipment section of the forum. Do you use oil on your rubbers VicVoc?
Have fun- i m off to practice