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12-15-2016, 05:33 PM
Hi I would like to know if the Treiber Z is any good. Plus what rubbers would go well. (Rubbers from Andro or otherwise)

12-16-2016, 06:16 PM
I have this blade as one of my spares. It has an incredibly good feeling due to the hinoki wood. My friends and a lot of beginners who've tried it say the same thing. I have it paired up with 2 andro rasant grips 2.1 mm and I find it offers quite a bit of speed, probably more than Viscaria + t05 but less than Viscaria + t64/t80. The biggest plus to this blade is the control. I thought that since it was a fast blade, I would lose a bit of control, but that's only at the beginning. Once you get used to it, it's pretty easy to direct your shots to where you want them to go. Flicks I find are amazing too. I have a higher percentage of successful BH flicks both in drills and in-games compared to my viscaria + t80/t05 or HL5 + t05. This is also probably due to the andro rasant grip I used which I like very much. The FH flicks also have a higher percentage compared to my other builds. The head size is 151 x 157 that I have received and this was back in April 2016 when I got this blade. Recently I believed that andro has upgraded the blade in a way since the picture they used on tt11 changed recently. The loops have a low arc though, so you have to open up your racket angle more than other blades/builds otherwise it'll hit the net. This applies usually when you are looping the ball which is at the height of net. When the ball is high enough, it's pretty easy to put it away and win a point. Perfect example of a player who uses this blade in action is Stephane Ouaiche who has it paired with Andro Powergrip on the FH and Andro Rasant Grip on the BH. His loops are very aggressive. But the ball is low or at table height level, he just chops the ball. Touch play with this blade is amazing and easy to control. The ball can land very close to the net and help you win points or help you set up shots because your opponent has to reach up close to get the ball. Overall, it's one of my favorite blades/builds, which is why I have it as a spare racket.

12-17-2016, 10:41 PM
How would Tibhar Evolution EL-S go with this blade. And would you recommend Andro Rasant Grip or Powergrip on it

12-18-2016, 02:27 AM
I have this blade and stanny is completely right! The control is amazing but it is still a very quick blade when you need it to be. Loops are low, the blade is a very thick 7 ply.

12-18-2016, 03:58 AM
I have personally never tried the tibhar evolution series. I only know the mx-p is the most popular brand but haven't seen many players use it with the blade. From reviews I've read and gathered, people tend to couple it with rasant grip or powergrip. I prefer rasant grip on both sides as it provides the best control for both FH and BH in terms of short or long pushes and BH and FH flicks. The loops are a bit slower on both wings, but still very fast. As stated above Stephane Ouiache uses the powergrip on the FH and grip on the BH. From when I see, you lose a bit of control in your short pushes but you have a real fast loop, probably much faster than viscaria + t05 but not with t80/64. Arc is still low which I believe is a characteristic of most andro rubbers, but it might be slightly higher than the rasant grip. In my honest opinion, if you are considering the blade, start with grip on both sides and if you need a bit more boost of power to your FH, then add the powergrip a few months later. Keep in mine that the rubber for both is slightly heavy. Andro rasant grip is slightly (difference is minimal) heavier than tenergy 05, but Andro rasant powergrip is way heavier, like heavier than mx-p. Check http://tabletennis-reviews.com/reference/rubber-sheet-mass-size-database/ for the weights and look at the sq/mass measurements. Andro rasant grip on both sides is balance/slightly head heavy which I like. The blade weight I requested from tt11 was 88 grams. If you are using rasant grip, 1.9 mm is better for control and I've seen people use it on the BH, while 2.1 loses a bit of control, just slightly, but you gain more power.

12-18-2016, 11:45 AM
Rasant power grip is super fast when you boost it a lot.
If you dont boost its not much faster than h3.
If you also boost t05 it will be as fast as boosted rpg.
If you dont boost t05 then boosted rpg is faster.
When boosted rpg is great rubber.
Only problem is with 90g blade you got a 204g setup.

Treiber z Ive seen it with koto top layer sometimes.
If possible I would get this version.