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10-02-2011, 10:20 AM
Hello I'm new to these forums , I'm sorry if this kind of question has already been asked , but I never really saw a thread with these exact rubbers , well my question is which rubber would work better for me ? The dhs hurricane 3 neo (I am currently using this ) or the bomb mopha ?
My playing style is basically blocking ,topspins and placement ,I stay near the table most of the time , unless my opponent is good at attacking then I step back a foot or two.
My problem with the hurricane 3 neo is that the throw seems to be to high, I find the ball flying over the table very often when I drive the ball. So would the mopha be better for me ? How do they compare with speed,control and throw ? And based on what I told you about my playing style , which would be better h3 neo or tg2 neo ? And also , of these 3 rubbers which two would be best and which one should be my fh rubber and which should be my bh rubber ? Thanks so much in advance and sorry for having so much questions!
Btw I will be using this with a 729 bomb blade.*

10-02-2011, 03:26 PM
Hey JC

Just want to say welcome to the forum and i hope you have a great time here.

Im sorry but i cannot help you with your question as i havent tried the rubbers. I hope a member here can help you :)

I use to play with DHS hurricane 3 and its awesome! You can produce huge amounts of spin on any given shot and you can hit the ball hard with it.

I will ask my friends to see if they can help you.

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Mr. RicharD
10-02-2011, 08:40 PM
Hey Jordan welcome and I'm sure you'll like it here. With the H3 Neo you said you seem to block or drive the ball long a lot. That is most likely a technique issue. I would suggest working on closing your angle about 30-45 degrees when you block and stay low to the table so that it's much easier to do this. I've used skyline 2 (tg2 neo) and H3 Neo and I can say they're both great rubbers. Skyline 2 has a lower throw than the H3, but is also a bit slower. They have the same amount of spin however and it depends on your style. I would suggest H3 for Shakehand and skyline 2 for penhold.

The reviews on Bomb Mopha seem to be the same and I've read that they are primarily a high tension rubber that's both fast and spinny similar to the Euro rubbers. I'd say it would be too fast for you if you are a block and drive kind of player. H3 and Skyline 3 neo are great rubbers to place the ball well.

All in all, I think your issue isn't the rubber. I think you just need to tweak your shot a bit with technique and practice. Give the H3 about another 1-2 months and really work on closing your angle when you drive the ball (forward and upwards).

As for your backhand if you prefer to block with this I would suggest skyline 2 on the backhand and H3 on the forehand if those are the rubbers you have. Otherwise try to find something a bit faster with a medium sponge so that blocking with your backhand is easier. Some great backhand chinese rubbers are 729 Super FX, GeoSpin Tacky, Gambler Aces, Focus Snipe 2, Cream with Transcend Sponge.

Hope this helps and keep on practicing.

10-04-2011, 01:25 PM
Thank You both so much for your help :) ill just wait a little more in case someone who has played with the bomb mopha replies :)