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04-24-2017, 09:08 PM
Hello everyone and Hi to Me. I'm new to this forum, and this is My 1st Post. I have came on here to read Alot of things on the past, with the latest being the Chinese Trials, You guys did a great job with following the progress and breaking it down, So busy people like Me who can't keep up can come on here and get a loaded dose of the games progress.
But anyway, I have a question about some TinArc 3 Rubbers that I bought. I know this might Also be a old Question, but I couldn't find answers anywhere. So I'm hoping to get it here.. So I want to know if there are different versions/types of TinArc Rubbers? The ones I've always bought was different from the last ones that I Bought, Making Me feel they are possibly Fake? The ones I used to buy comes in similar package as TinArc 5, But its TinArc 3. I Just bought some TinArc 3 Rubbers from PaddlePalace and TableTennis11 and they sent Me the Type I bought Sometime from this Chinese Seller Off Ebay which He advertised as "Cake Sponge" (I still don't know what "Cake Sponge" mean.. ?) Anyway, the package of the one I brought from China looks fake So I just sucked it up as a Loss. I have bought from China in the past and got "The Real" Rubbers, also bought from a seller in California, and got the Real TinArc 3. But, I was surprised when the rubbers that I bought from PaddlePalace and TT11 came in the same packaging as the Fake One that I got from China. I was expecting the "Big Sellers" To Sell the original Rubbers. So why are the Rubbers different? Cos I'm thinking of Returning those Fake Ones.. So, are they some New Version Rubbers Or something that I'm Missing?

PS Note: Pics Below - On the Left is the One I call and think is Fake which I got From the Chinese Seller Advertised as "Cake Sponge" and also which PaddlePalace and TT11 Sent Me. And the one On the Right I know is the Real/Original TinArc 3, Because the Packaging Looks More genuine and has More quality, the Rubbers were also Wrapped in a Air-Tight Wrap/Plastic and the Outside paper I was Wrapped well too. Whereas the Rubber is the one in the left didn't come in Air-Tight Wrap.

04-25-2017, 12:10 AM
China-friend(who is a reputed seller on ebay, and also runs a webisite Eacheng.net) said "The rubbers use two different package, package may be different, the rubbers are same."

Check the link below and I hope it helps in some way.


04-25-2017, 06:31 AM
Yeah. I wouldn´t be too worried also. Sometimes over their life-span, rubbers do come in different packaging. In China, I wouldn´t be surprised to find two different packagings simultaneously. Or maybe one is an "export" version.

Generally, I think the forgers are more busy faking tenergy and "blue sponge" Hurricane.

04-25-2017, 09:08 AM
Cake sponge simply means porous sponge as oppose to traditional Chinese hard and non bouncy sponge. I see DHS has two package designs for all their three TA rubbers so package alone is not enough to tell, but unfortunately fake TA3 do exist for cheap. :(


And what about that Tenergy in Blue sponge, or if you like, Red + Blue together in one. :rolleyes:


04-25-2017, 10:26 AM
And what about that Tenergy in Blue sponge, or if you like, Red + Blue together in one. :rolleyes:

Wow ... this red blue is cooooooool