View Full Version : What Rubber I should use with Michael Maze ?

10-03-2011, 03:02 AM
Hey Guys

Currently Using Butterfly Jonyer-H-AN (OFF) As Blade

With Mark V (Normal One) Both The Sides

I am new to this forum, I was looking for buying a new bat for me and decided to go for Michael Maze as a BLADE.

But want to have advice on buying rubbers for it.

I usually hit Forehand loops and forehand smashes if the ball have more bounce. (Mostly Loops)

I need to practice on my forehand side for pushing with backspin.

I got really good control on my backhand side for blocking, backspin pushing, and allot of times hitting ball with BH and even hitting small top spins with it (or I can say rolling ball from upper side when a backspin comes on my Backhand)

That's all My game is, so can anyone recommend me best rubbers according to my game so that I can take out best out of those equipments.


10-03-2011, 05:34 AM
depends on the control you have and the amount of money you want to shell out ... from what I have seen is that there is a portion of "control" that is natural ability . In that case you can switch to faster rubbers like tenergy and it should not take you more than a couple of weeks to start playing decently with it. Because Michael Maze is OFF+, you could try Sriver as a stepping stone to faster rubbers, preferably sriver on your forehand and sriver FX on your back hand .... personally I switched form your setup to Waldner Ultra Senso and Tenergy 05/ FX on FH/BH and did not face difficulty in controlling it , infact I loved it ... but there are a lot of rubbers out there and depends on what you want to do your game ... the other popular choice nowadays is Rakza 7 .. from Yasaka ... you can try that on your forehand and the soft version on your backhand too ... I will leave it to the more experienced guys in the forum for more suggestions

10-03-2011, 06:40 PM
Control is no matter for me, I believe it comes with time... and practicing.. I just want power/speed/spin. for loops and smashes both the sides..

I heard allot about tenergy05/65 (which is more faster with speed and control ?) sheets and sriver FX for backhand..

Also heard about the donic copa that it is good for looping players ?

do anyone thinks so ?

what should I select from that combination ?


10-03-2011, 10:53 PM
To be honest it is so hard to advise someone on equipment when you have not seen them play.

Lots of people are using Tenergy for power play and Calibra is also seriously quick.

Best advise I think would be to find someone who knows your game (i.e. has seen you play) as anything else is guesswork.

Mr. RicharD
10-04-2011, 06:22 AM
Details we need are if you play close to the table, mid distance or far away. Do you want to sacrifice some control for speed and spin? Do you have good technique so that you can provide proper racket speed? There are a lot of questions to ask, but if you can answer these I could recommend some great rubbers.

As for your question T05 has the most spin of the 3, but lacks in short game especially spinny serves. T64 is the fastest and has second most spin of the set and pushes short pretty well, but lacks the control of T05. T25 is somewhere in between, where it is mostly for close to the table attack.

10-04-2011, 03:43 PM
Needs more clarification on your playing style.
Far or close from the table for example.

10-04-2011, 07:08 PM
yeah I play close to table, or don't go far until my ball bounced to opponent side because to return smashed, I must go far from table. But only mid distance in that case otherwise I stay closer to table.
I can sacrifice control over the backhand side as I got good control their so I think I will manage it somehow practicing allot... but for forehand side as my forehand pushing or backspin is week, I usually tries to loop my forehand balls but players used to give me backspins to my forehand side as they know, I am week on that section, its hard for me to cut or brush the ball from forehand, but I am working on that too..
So the forehand needs to have more control..

Also I got some problems while returning sidespin serves, I mean mostly I return them quite good from backhand side but somehow people take some points from me specially on forehand side as my forehand push is week..

my special points which makes me winner maximum time is my accuracy... like in my club, I use to hit 9/10 top spins or loop I can say or smashes.. I agree that their power is less but as when I hit first shot perfectly, after that I owns with accuracy as well as with some power..

so I need something which increased my power at forehand without loosing allot of control on it.

Also, I am confused between michael maze or TBS ?

Which will be good for hitting loops ?


08-18-2017, 02:09 PM
I think you will have trouble landing the ball on the table if you stay close nearly all the time with Tenergy on a Maze ALC. The blade combined with that rubber has tremendous catapult making it difficult to loop with power while close to the table. I’d stick with Mark V for the time being and see if you need more speed and spin before spending the money on Tenergy.