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04-28-2017, 07:48 AM
This week will see the Slovenia Open with Germany's Bastian Steger entering as the number 1 seed who currently sits at number 42 in the world rankings. The Slovenia Open begins on the 26th April and concludes on the 30rd April. This World Tour event is held in the city of Otocec, Slovenia. Lets see what's in store in the line up below:

Total number of entries so far is: 299

Main Draw

Men's Singles (http://old.ittf.com/competitions/test/matches_per_round1.asp?s_Event_Type=MS&rnd=64&Competition_ID=2725&Event_Type=&ID=&Rnd=&)
Women's Singles (http://old.ittf.com/competitions/test/matches_per_round1.asp?s_Event_Type=WS&rnd=64&Competition_ID=2725&Event_Type=&ID=&Rnd=&)
Men's Doubles (http://old.ittf.com/competitions/test/matches_per_round1.asp?s_Event_Type=MD&rnd=16&Competition_ID=2725&Event_Type=&ID=&Rnd=&)
Women's Doubles (http://old.ittf.com/competitions/test/matches_per_round1.asp?s_Event_Type=WD&rnd=16&Competition_ID=2725&Event_Type=&ID=&Rnd=&)

Live matches from the Slovenia Open can be watched in ITTF Live Streaming! (https://tv.ittf.com/livestream/slovenia-open-table-1/783830)

Germany's Bastian Steger, the World #42 has entered the Slovenia Open as the #1 seed.

Bastian Steger enters as the no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

Men's Singles Seeds

Jakub Dyjas enters Slovenia as the #2 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Bastian Steger
02) Jakub Dyjas
03) Steffen Mengel
04) Joao Geraldo
05) Ovidiu Ionescu
06) Eugene Wang
07) Noshad Alamiyan
08) Tomislav Pucar
09) Tristan Flore
10) Grigory Vlasov
11) Alvaro Robles
12) Quentin Robinot
13) Kenji Matsudaira
14) Cedric Nuytinck
15) Aleksandar Karakasevic

Women Singles Seeds

Hitomi Sato enters the Slovenia Open as the #1 seed - Photo by: ITTF World

01) Hitomi Sato
02) Matilda Ekholm
03) Elizabeta Samara
04) Georgina Pota
05) Honoka Hashimoto
06) Polina Mikhailova
07) Sofia Polcanova
08) Suthasini Sawetttabut
09) Saki Shibata
10) Iveta Vacenovska
11) Britt Eerland
12) Mo Zhang
13) Yana Noskova
14) Dora Madarasz
15) Renata Strbikova

For full player entries click here. (http://www.old.ittf.com/ittf_tournaments/ittf_entries_web6.asp?Gender=M&Tour_ID=2725&Singles=1&Seeded_Singles=1)

The line up for this years Slovenia Open makes for a very open, unpredictable tournament we think! Players are all preparing and looking to find form for the World Championships this year! A fantastic event to follow, be sure to get involved on the TTD discussions and join us in the live chat in the ITTF Live Streaming!

We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular World Tour event! What are your predictions from each event.

04-28-2017, 11:01 AM
I'd bet on DYJAS to win the Men's Singles, and SATO to win Women's... not taking too much risk here...

04-29-2017, 07:28 AM
Last 16

Bastian Steger vs Kazuhiro Yoshimura
Nima Alamian vs Sadi Ishmailov

Jesus Cantero vs Andrew Baggaley
Sam Walker vs Kilian Ort

Alexey liventsov vs Grigory Vlasov
Aleksandar Karakasevic vs Tomas Tregler

Alexandre Robinot vs Jon Persson
Marcos Madrid vs Antonin Gavlas

05-05-2017, 06:03 AM
Men's Final: Bastian Steger vs Jon Persson


Women's Final: Sato Hitomi vs Georgina Pota