View Full Version : Stiga Carbonado 290. First impression

Overseer Kevin
09-29-2017, 06:47 AM
Got my 290 tonight and I'll say this. When they call it "The Beast", you better believe it!!

OMG it's fast, but NOT uncontrollable at all. Only took a few minutes to adjust from my Viscaria

Played tonight with Tibhar MX-P on both sides (FH=max thickness BH=1.9 thickness)
-Flicks are no problem.
-Blocks are outstanding. FH and BH
-Loops do what you say. Yes you have to put the effort in with footwork, position, and a good stroke. That being said, you get monster spinny, speedy loops.
-Drives are low and direct. You can't overpower this blades performance on drives. Closed or open blade drives result in a ton of trouble for your opponent.
-Large sweet spot. I feel control even when the ball hits near the edge of the blade.
- Sound really hasn't been a big issue with me but I notice tonight a lively sound to the blade. Can't really explain it, but it's unique.

What really amazed me is the amount of spin generated by my 290 setup. At my club I'm known for my spin. I thought this blade, being so fast, would force me to compromise my spin in favor of more speed. But it's not the case at all. My Viscaria setup generated a ton of spin (T05-FH and MXP). MY SPIN DIDN'T DROP A NOTCH WITH THE STIGA 290!!!
-Open-ups bounced off of my opponents paddles regularly. Fh and backhand opens
-Serves- I saw no decrease in touch, control, spin, or placement.
- Flicks - no problem, spinny and fast to either corner in drill play. My drill partner is fast as greased lightening, but could only manage a quick flinch as the ball shot past him to his forehand side after he served.

OK, now for my game... off the table
I've never, I repeat, NEVER felt so comfortable in rally play.
1. Counter loops - stable and controlled!!! And I feel it's only going to get better!!
2. Backhand blocks - I could redirect my opponents f-hand into my b-hand or spin block deep at will. Those b-hands where you're just trying to stay in the point, actually become point changers and give you an advantage. Only one blade that I've tried surpassed the 290 in this area. The DHS HURRICANE Long 5. But the 290'same feel is tremendously better.
3. Backhand smash - well, I'm literally one of the best I've seen at that shot. They generally don't come back no matter what setup I'm using:cool:
4. Backhand loop - uhmmm... well... let's just say I'm still learning.. Iol seems my muscle memory still thinks I'm playing tennis, including my grip (sigh)