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11-21-2017, 03:24 AM
Hi friends,
I have played table tennis over 10 years. This is my favorite sport because it’s not only fun but also makes me feel better. Each of us always has a reason to play table tennis and we always have the interesting stories about it. So do I, I have a memory which can't forget
Three years ago, I had attended in a tournament open. I (amateur) fight to a young pro player in a single semi-final match. You think he’ll kill me, right? Almost right (LOL). The young man quickly demonstrated his level by winning three games. I felt dizzy, hopeless before his strength. I have been preparing for this tournament with a year of hard practice and now my opponent is better than me in all aspects
I know I have only one last change. If I failed to mean my effort in 1-year pie in the sky. I truly worried about that but I decided to believe myself. This guy is good but not impossible to beat. I changed the tactics, used more my backhand attack to his left( I am left-handed). Thirty minutes later, I won him at 7th games in my great joy as well as his disappointment. I did it even if an optimistic person can’t imagine. This is a moment which I couldn’t forget. At this time when I believe myself, I realize a power inside me, make me feel more confident. That is amazing, I think my feeling at this time is the same Timo Boll’s feeling when he beat Lin Gaoyuan at WTTC 2017 =))
And how about your story, tell everyone :D
When you believe, you'll become the best version of yourself. :p
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