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Tony's Table Tennis
01-16-2018, 10:05 AM
Since the information of the new ranking system, there have been many threads and most of the guys are talking about "who is number 1" and focusing on Ma Long VS Dima.....
I was focusing more on players that can't play more than 5 tours, or more importantly for me Juniors (as this is where most of my table tennis environment covers)
1 issue is that the juniors are now on its own system, whereby in the past with ranking points, one would filter out the juniors by age while holding an "opens ranking point".
Therefore, a junior can play in both junior and seniors - and gain points collectively.

Juniors is not normally a subject that is talked about, but with a lot of my close friends spending years to try and groom the next top 10 player, all these small changes are a bit more sensitive to me than just an average forum member.

Here is the juniors (U18) world ranking (remember Youth Olympic Games would be around the corner)


Took me a while to find that former number 1's - Harimoto and Hirano are both sitting with 0 Points - meaning if they don't win some points asap, they will be unseeded at YOG

So are we saying that kids should play in senior and junior tours to have ranking on both system?
somehow this to me is more "weird" compared to seniors ranking dispute that some have disputed with valid points.