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01-21-2018, 01:27 PM
I would just like to share my experiences as I am super pumped to be finally playing the style I have the most fun with (playing and watching). I hope I can hype others up too https://www.tabletennisdaily.com/forum/cache.php?img=http%3A%2F%2Fooakforum.com%2Fimages%2Fsmilies%2Femoticon-0102-bigsmile.gif
So, I had the opportunity to try these 3 setups for 3 hours in training, practise and matches with a few solid players (1 of them an ex coach).

This bat is not mine and I have never used or heard of this blade before

This bat also not mine but I have played with this a few times

This bat is mine and it is OX

My game is Def-Attack. I play at mid distance and always look to be active on FH when in position. For the BH I am mainly looking to chop and when drawn close to table just to use the shovel technique. (Once I am comfortable with this style I will begin twiddling and opening with BH also).

FL2 - All distance this was by far the easiest to control, was more about my own positioning and stroke and less about their spin. Was very easy to keep the ball low and deep. Chopping close to the table was also the easiest to pull off. It was the slowest of the 3.
Dtecs - This was the most difficult to control as it was so fast (but could have been the blade). I found however when opponent gave a strong and spinny loop it was less of a full chop and more of a push block which would result in a fast and deep return. I found these pips to be difficult when performing a full stroke, especially closer to the table, very very difficult.
388D OX - This was a strange one because sometimes is was fast and slow (the OX made it difficult to understand I think). It was definitely the in between for chopping at all distances. I could impart my own spin most of the time so an active stroke was required compared to the Dtecs, but not as fast a swing as the FL2.

Service receive:
FL2 - easiest by far, didn't react to anything most of the time lol I can just chop or shovel away.
Dtecs - again the most difficult however the returns were fast and usually quite dangerous.
388D - not as easy as I was expecting as it reacted to the spin a fair bit. But if you read the spin you actually can get some good active returns.

Attacking/blocking/Shovel tricks close to table when caught out or a short ball/push has been played:
FL2 - Safe and easy but not dangerous at all. Not good for blocking, required an active block to be consistent.
Dtecs - by far the best and most dangerous. Also very easy to use at the table. This was a monster when blocking or caught out of position, and the shovel trick is fast spinny and dangerous.
388D - Easy to play. Blocking was quite dangerous with these actually. The shovel was easy to play and can apply a little pressure with it but it wasn't dangerous enough to rely on.

Conclusion on how effective they were:
FL2 - Very consistent and probably my favourite to play with in this session just for the fact that I always felt in control and I never had to rely on my opponents spin.
Dtecs - my least favourite tbh. At the table I was dangerous but it's not really where I wanted my game to be most of the time. Once I adjusted to the technique needed at mid distance for chopping the main issue I had was almost feeling like I am not in control at all and totally reliant on my opponents spin. I didn't do badly I just wasn't happy always thinking about his spin and what mine will go back with. The chops however were really quite fast and gave opponent little time to react at times.
388D - this was a dark horse for me, because it was OX perhaps it was quite well rounded for every part of the game. I didn't quite feel as in control as the FL2 but I still felt I had enough to feel like I am manipulating my return a bit. I quite enjoyed this but I wonder really if sponge on this would make me like it more or less as at times at mid stance it can feel slow but not easy to play like the FL2 which is sometimes a bad thing.

If anyone can shed some light on 388D with sponge maybe 1.0 or something compared to OX that would be lovely, mainly focused on mid distance.

I am also playing today for another 3 hours hopefully with strong opponents again. Will give an update on how that goes.