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02-27-2018, 03:34 AM
Please go to ITTF Calendar 2018
at ittf.com/2018-event-calendar

According to this calendar then, if I am not mistaken the US Open 2018 will be held right after WVC2018 (World Veterans Championships 2018)

What this means that, if you plan to play in WVC-2018 you can also play in 50 or so event that US Open offers every year . Not only that , your children etc can play in many events as well that they could not play in WVC-2018.

If you are not aware US Open is an "open" tournament that anyone from anywhere can play unlike the US Nationals 2018 which will take place right after US Open 2018
(only US Citizens can play in Championship events of US Nationals 2018 but non-citizens can play in 50 or so rating events at US Nationals 2018 as well). The US Nationals 2018 as it is announced already is July 1 to 7, 2018 also at Las Vegas (Convention Center).

The pre-announcement for US Nationals 2018 is at

teamusa.org/usa-table-tennis/2018-us-national-championships (Add https and not http and www before the link)

It said the following about US Open 2018 & I quote EXACTLY below

Main Events at the Las Vegas Convention Center
US Open Final Table Celebration to be confirmed

Both ITTF & USATT webpages refer to a US "Open" Final Table Celebration NOT US nationals in above US Nationals pre-announcement
I assume the ITTF webpage clarifies (confirms) the date for US Open 2018 ? Unless they are referring to something else by PTT (Pending some confirmation ? many ITTF tournaments start with this)

Also as far as I am concerned the 2018 nationals only talks about a US Open Final Table Celebration Not US Nationals Final Table Celebration

Take a look at register.usatt.org/tournaments/results. (add https not http before this link)
if you want to look at what is available for you at any US Open

Congratulations Ebby Scholer & USATT That is three tournaments of fun for three straight weeks (as it stands now unless USATT decides to change its mind and disappoint me and claim that the announcements were in error or a trick to get players sign-up for WVC2018 first with zero refund........my feelings will be so hurt)

P.S: I honestly am not trying to create any trouble for ITTF or USATT but just trying to understand all this , as I am registered already for WVC2018 & trying to figure out dates for other two or one US whatever it is , to decide if I should signup for that also that is all