View Full Version : Be careful with Yinhe "Dragon 8S", NOT a Ma Long blade

MaLongFamily Fans Club
05-24-2018, 12:07 AM
Be careful with Yinhe "Dragon 8S" blade which is advertised as Ma Long's blade and sold for almost 400 USD, without consent!

On May 22, Ma Long wrote on his Sina Weibo to protect his rights from a misleading advertisement by Yinhe. Yinhe used his image to promote a new product "Dragon 8S" stating that it is used by him during Super League, without his consent.
"During Super League, I used the blade of my teammate once. The company made a commercial out of it. I hope you don't get misled by their commercial with my photo as background and some misleading descriptions. It is like edge ball. On the court, we ask umpire to decide disputed edge ball. Off the court, I will consult legal professionals to deal with such unauthorized use."

DHS sports showed a picture of Ma Long's current blade and said, "Table tennis community needs positive energy. DHS will always support China National Team and support Ma Long. Go, Team China". Coach Qin Zhijian also showed his collection of Hurricane Long 5.