View Full Version : What is the best private coaching time planning?

07-19-2018, 09:55 AM
Dear friends,

I do 1 hour sessions 3 days in a row with my coach, in total 3 hours. I am not allowed to go friday, saturday and sunday(family stuff:D). My question is "What is the most effective and beneficial schedule for private coaching?".
Option 1) 45 mins 4 days in a row
Option 2) 1 hrs 3 days in a row maybe with a day off and play with friends when I am not in session.
Option 3) 1 and half hour, 2 times a week with one or two days off. Rest of private coaching sessions I play with friends.


07-19-2018, 09:59 AM
Option 2

07-19-2018, 11:15 AM
Option 2. 45 is not much with warmup and longer than 60 minutes is really hard if you are not super fit (with proper training and multiball)