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09-02-2018, 11:04 PM
I've been using the Hurricane 3 Neo for about a year and a half. First started with the commercial version and am now using the provincial rubber. I'm trying to find a more consistent experience with this rubber. I found that on both these rubbers, they are lively at first. I get used to them after a week and really enjoy how they feel. But then gradually, they feel different. By about the 6th week, I feel like I have to adjust my technique at mid range to get the ball over the net.

With the provincial rubber I'm using now, it felt so dead that eventually I boosted it with Falco. Now the rubber feels more lively again, but I think slightly more than when it was brand new. Is this your experience with this rubber as well?

Various forums say the rubber is factory tuned. How do I get the rubber to have the same feeling as the factory tuning for the entire life of the rubber? It seems like whatever the factory tuning is, it's not the same as a booster, since I didn't see any doming of the rubber when it was first taken out of the package.

It'd be great if someone with more experience with using Hurricane 3 or 3 Neo's could give some advice. I really like the way the Hurricane 3's feel but I don't like how the feel of the rubber gradually changes over weeks.

Thanks all!

09-03-2018, 12:17 AM
Well I don't like Orange sponge H3 NEO. Too inconsistent. Just the Blue Sponge version. You have plenty alternatives.

729 08, 729 08 Blue Sponge. I've tried from my chinese coach the normal version and loved it, so I orded the Provincial(Pro) version.

You should always tune this rubbers. Even if they come factory tuned you should remove the tune layer.


1 layer of WBG.
2-3 Layers of Haifu Seamoon/Dianchi/Haifu Oil.
5-6 Layers of WBG/LBG.

When It breaks in, you get a spetacular forehand rubber.

Don't choose thicker than 2.1, or it can pass the max legal thickness of 4mm after the tune.

check here the rubbers->



Hope I could help you.

James Livesey
09-03-2018, 09:27 AM
The eternal struggle of the perfect tune definitely requires a lot of practice. Been using DHS on the fh for 2 years, and I still haven't gotten it down. Just got my first BS, and after 2 sessions still play terrible with it. They take some time to break in, and I usually find they play best after the second boost (ive gotten used to it, can handle the speed boost and sponge is perfect level of'soft'). But I usually use them for 6 months.

09-03-2018, 10:18 AM
Yes, that's normal. You need to reboost it every several months, or use speed glue.


Edit: Btw factory tuning isnt the optimum playing level of H3. Usually I boost it more until it domes to the level shown in the video above.
Factory tuning is just a way to make sure that once you open the rubber, you can play it immediately (if a rubber not factory tuned the rubber will feel dead overtime)

James Livesey
09-03-2018, 11:12 AM
There are lots of methods. As a rule of thumb both the NEO 'tuning' layer, and water based glue act as effective barriers, slowing the absorption of booster. A common method I've seen for neo rubbers is one layer booster then after it's dry one layer of glue, then one booster, then one more of booster. Then glue on blade. I tend to find 3 layers of booster pretty lively so usually just skip the last one. And if it's non neo, I just put a layer of glue then 2 layers booster. As I say, learning how your glue and amount of glue affects absorption rate, how thick your layers of booster are, how much done, how long you leave it to dry are all part of the learning process and should enable you to have a very personalized and consistent FH weapon.