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It took me the whole day to translate this. Haha! :D Enjoy!

December 23, 2011 - In the recently concluded City Games last October, Fang Bo's team was in a poor condition. Others think he was just less arrogant like a child knowing that the singles will be affected rather abruptly, he took the singles title. This is undoubtedly a self-volt with a breakthrough, on the other hand, this "do not follow the routine of cards" but it seems like it is complying with Fang Bo's disposition.


The first impression on Fang Bo was that he is shy and laughs a little but until the chat goes longer, you will find out why his "nonsense" makes people laugh. With the team, Fang Bo likes playing but during holidays, he always thinks of going home first, visiting his parents. Fang Bo said that his advantage is his good personality but the disadvantage is that he is too lazy. But now, when he is disinclined, he will have this psychological struggle to make a move because he believes that life is about proving himself. In this issue, let us find out who, in front of his parents, this well-behaved child, and in his teammates, this "self-confident" player.

Table Tennis World: What are your Zodiac sign, blood type and birthday?
Fang Bo: My astrological sign is Scorpio, I'm a type A and my birthday is on November 6.

TTW: Is there a special someone?
FB: No special interest.

TTW: Are you narcissistic?
FB: Nope.

TTW: What color do you like?
FB: Black and white because I think they look relatively clean.

TTW: Which country/place in the world do you like?
FB: New York. People over there has this hip-hop feel. Also very open.

TTW: Do you like having a long lazy sleep?
FB: Love to.

TTW: How long have you slept the longest?
FB: About 20 hours. However, if I wasn't able to rest a day before, maybe more than 20 hours.

TTW: What's your favorite drink?
FB: Sea buckthorn juice (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea-buckthorn)

TTW: If you'll go to a hotel for a dish, what hotel will it be?
FB: I can't choose. Usually, I like eating spicy food like in Sichuan or Hunan cuisine.

TTW: What are your favorite snacks?
FB: I like eating but not always snacks between meals. I'll get fat easily and I'll be addicted to it. I don't like eating too much sugar or fruit jelly or anything. I like potato chips more.

TTW: What mobile phone do you use right now?
FB: I have a Nokia N95 and a Samsung phone.

TTW: Do you change your phone often?
FB: I've changed many times already, but because the phone is always bad.

TTW: Do you like singing?
FB: I love to.

TTW: So, do you always go to KTV?
FB: Not really but sometimes I go, but I'm not really that good.

TTW: Whose song do you like to sing?
FB: Any song actually. If I listened to the song and I liked it, I can sing it. I rarely listen to music, but If I hear someone singing, I can just follow like hum too.

TTW: What do you usually carry like a treasure?
FB: Nothing.

TTW: For leisure time, do you love window-shopping/shopping? Where do you usually go?
FB: Not really love shopping but I don't like being idle at home. I'll find someone with me to go out, get something to eat, stroll around, buy things.

TTW: Which brand is your favorite?
FB: Armani.

TTW: Do you buy online?
FB: No. Sometimes I search at Taobao, but I don't buy.

TTW: What animal are you most afraid of?
FB: Tiger.

TTW: What's your favorite season?
FB: Spring. Not too hot, not too cold. When I feel particularly comfortable.

TTW: Which films and TV series do you like?
FB: As soon as I watch, I become addicted, but usually I like movies more. TV series are a waste of time. I like to see something like Iron Man, science fiction and comedy.

TTW: If you were to direct a movie, what kind of movie will it be? Who would you co-direct with?
FB: I'll make a comedy with Zhou You.

TTW: Do you like going online? What games do you play?
FB: I like. I play thelandlords??? He said 喜欢。玩玩斗地主。

TTW: Usually not on campus? How about microblogging (Weibo)?
FB: Yes, but not always. I made a weibo last year, I posted more than 50 times and occasionally I visit it.

TTW: Do you like reading?
FB: Not really. I read occasionally but I never complete a book.

TTW: What other sports do you like besides table tennis?
FB: Football and billiards.

TTW: Do you often play pool?
FB: I used to play often before, but now it's lesser. I like playing soccer and also watching.

TTW: Which team do you like?
FB: Real Madrid.

TTW: Do you have a pet?
FB: I may possibly raise a dog later. I like the Airedale in particular. If I retire from playing, I'll definitely raise a dog.

TTW:What breed do you like?
FB: For small dogs, I like the Teddy Dog (like a Toy Poodle) and for big dogs, I like the Labrador.

TTW: Are you buying lottery tickets?
FB: When I was 12 years old I bought. (or since I was 12 years old)

TTW: If you win 5 million, what will you do with it?
FB: I'll ask my parents to handle it first.

TTW: What does the team call you?
FB: They call me "confident one" because they say I play confidently. Also "Bo".

TTW: What do you think is the best thing you own (like part of the body)?
FB: Eyes.

TTW: To whom is your relationship best in the team?
FB: With Jin Yixiong and Song Hongyuan

TTW: What's the reason? Because of the same personalities?
FB: Yes. Jin Yixiong, particularly, has good personalities also. We are always together, very happy personality. When I have difficulties he will always try to help me. I have played and trained with Song Hongyuan for 8 years so our relationship is very close also.

TTW: How many in the team likes playing (leisure)?
FB: Usually everybody likes cracking a joke. If we have free time, we don't like staying inside the house/dorm.

TTW: Do you believe in superstitions?
FB: At some point, for instance in clothing and equipment. Sometimes, like, if it's my last time to play this sponge, I will compare and next time I'll believe in the new sponge. (say wutt? sorry didn't understand this superstition)

TTW: What is your weakness that you have to overcome?
FB: Laziness.

TTW: So, now, what's your plan? How will you overcome it?
FB: I need to make an effort to change it. I need to set my mind, like an ideological/psychological struggle for me to try and move and take action.

TTW: When you're in a bad mood/stressed, what do you do?
FB: I eat, then sleep and take a shower. Find someone to go out with me, play.

TTW: What kind of personality do you not like?
FB: Hypocritical

TTW: What personality do you think you have?
FB: I feel that I'm more realistic and generous to people.

TTW: What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses in your character?
FB: I think the downside is I'm too lazy and disinclined. The advantage is that I have a good personality/attitude to others.

TTW: If you were given a month-long vacation, how will you spend it?
FB: I would go to my parents in Sanya. It's been a while since I came there. After entering the national team, time became very tight. I can only go home on New Year and celebrate with my parents but we still communicate daily.

TTW: Is there any recent happening that was special? That made you happy?
FB: The City Games. Before, the results were not that good but this time, I won the singles championships. I felt really happy.

TTW: Is there any matter giving you pressure lately?
FB: I thought that the City Games gave me a lot of pressure, especially when the team had poor results. The singles also gave me pressure. I have the thinking of "I have to win". After winning, at least, my mind relaxed a little bit. Right now, the pressure is also getting big because after the Olympics, I have to step up my game and be on an advanced level, if not, I will be definitely eliminated (or maybe like demoted).

TTW: What is your goal in the future?
FB: To be able to level up my position and enter the first eight and strive for world competitions next year.

TTW: What do you think is more important to play ball, talent/skill or hard work/effort?
FB: I think both are important. In playing, talent is a must-have, if not, it can also be acquired through efforts maybe, but there will be less opportunity. If you have the skill added with hard work, then the opportunity for success will be bigger.

TTW: So, in which aspect are you?
FB: I think I am in the talent aspect.

TTW: If you retire at playing ball, what will you probably be doing?
FB: Definitely not a coach. If I have the opportunity to make business with a friend. I am not yet thinking of anything specific like that in the future. Doing anything as long as it makes me happy.

TTW: What do you think is the meaning of life?
FB: I think that life is about proving one's self.

TTW: What is one thing that you always wanted but you can't do/have?
FB: To go on a vacation with my parents, go out with my friends and play. I think that is my most favorite feeling.

TTW: What is one thing that you are most proud of?
FB: I think it is having filial piety, good personality, I don't have that bad character. It also stems from my parents, how they raised me and of course good education.

Source (http://www.xn--e1t170dusd.com/index.php/news/view/114)

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