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11-20-2018, 05:42 PM
Nov 20 -25 - Santiago Chile

Men and Women Teams and Singles

USA Kanak Jha seeded #1 in Men's Singles

USA Women's Singles Yue Wu seeded #3, Lily Zhang #7

Both Usa Teams won their 1st match

USA Men upset the #1 seed.

11-21-2018, 07:02 AM
I thought Lily Zhang was number 1 in the USA?

11-21-2018, 10:28 AM
I thought Lily Zhang was number 1 in the USA?

The #7 is seed for these games.

11-21-2018, 05:00 PM
USA Men's Team finished 1st in group of 3 but were seeded 3

Today USA Women's Team beat Argentina in Quarterfinals 3-1


11-21-2018, 10:52 PM
Thursday Semifinals
USA Men vs Chile
USA Women vs Cuba

11-22-2018, 06:35 PM
Thursday Semifinals
USA Men 3 2 Chile
USA Women 3 1 Cuba

11-22-2018, 10:43 PM
PECULIAR - Check this out

Women's Final

Final Match - USA Wu vs Takahashi

At beginning of match, watch Takahashi, she takes her towel to table, then receives her paddle from umpire, she then proceeds to an area where her teammates are located. She then has her arm below the elbow over the barriers, below the barriers for a few seconds. Then her teammates retrieve an unknown ball. She might have switched paddles when her arm was below the barrier. It happened at -27:00 on the recent video. There was no reason to get a ball there, appeared to be a decoy. Takahashi won the match.


Watch new video time .. 10:32:43 - 33:30


Official ITTF Channel - Day 3


.... .

11-22-2018, 11:05 PM
Being the final, the bat could have high chance of being tested for juice after the match. Let's see how it falls out.

11-23-2018, 11:53 AM
Check out my previous post for the new video time.

11-23-2018, 04:41 PM
If she managed to switch the bat to a really "LIVELY" one, the umpires messed up, they are in charge of supervising and controlling the players once they enter the court.

One can also argue that a professional umpire ought to be paid a professional amount for a professional job... I bet 99 bottle a beerz on the wall the umpire(s) at that court were not even paid peanuts.

11-23-2018, 04:51 PM
Switcharoo switcharoo is the name of the game, maybe unintentional.

11-25-2018, 11:55 PM
USA Kanak Jha wins Men's Singles 4-1

11-26-2018, 12:05 AM
Yeah !!!

11-27-2018, 12:38 AM
USA 2nd Places

Mixed Doubles Yue Wu Kanak Jha

Women's Doubles Yue Wu Lily Zhang

11-27-2018, 03:41 AM
USA Kanak Jha wins Men's Singles 4-1

Hes improving quickly. How old is he?