View Full Version : Please tell me about my paddles...

12-11-2018, 11:58 PM
I used to play a good bit of table tennis in my "early years"...ie: ages 5 to 22 (currently 51 years young). Once I got out of college I didn't play very much until several years ago (5 or 8 or 10 or 15? Who knows!). I think I played for one whole winter :rolleyes: before life got in the way. However I found out the other day through conversation that some of my tennis buddies are table tennis players as well and are actually extremely good. Unfortunately since I've taken so many years off I'm probably terrible now but I'm still excited about playing again.

I decided to go into my downstairs closet today and pull out the paddles I used when I played for that whole winter several years ago. Of course it's been a while since I purchased the paddles so I have no clue what I have, why I chose them, if they're any good, for what type of player they are for, etc.

I'm hoping if I can give you the information found on the paddles you can tell me about them...

Paddle One: Tibhar IV, black handle with long thin red stripes down it (stripes look like long barcodes), the rubber on it (black on one side, red on the other) is Tibhar Vari Spin D. TecS

Paddle Two (larger size than paddle one): Nittaku KVL Defensive, light purple handle with some green red and blue on it, the rubber on it (black on one side, red on the other) is Nittaku J.T.T.A.A. Spiral

I'd greatly appreciate anything you can tell me about these two paddles I have!

Thank you!!!