View Full Version : Please recommend blade softer than Timo Boll Spirit

01-27-2019, 04:01 PM
Hi all

I am all round + player. I like to play forehand drive more than loop.I usually play at mid-range from table. Everything okay my previous gear Timo Boll Spirit(silver tag) and Big dipper both side. Now I have a big problem ,When I changed FH rubber from Yinhe Big Dipper to Rakza7 Max for a week. Ball usually out when slow loop harder control than Big Dipper so when smash in table ball often out ! and harder when counterloop by drive .

I need to change to Rakza7 because when play mid-range Big dipper not enough power. Now I looking for not expensive blade. Softer than Timo spirit and easier control. Please suggest me. Now I reading the review of Xiom Blade off type too many interest.

recommend please.
Thank you all

01-27-2019, 06:27 PM
Xiom Fuga is my favorite OFF- rated blade. And it has a koto outer ply and kiri inner which is somewhat similar the materials used in the Timo Bill Spirit. (But of course no carbon and the blade is much thinner and therefore has more dwell time).

Yasaka Sweden Extra is also a solid and popular choice if you want a slower ALL+ blade.

Personally I would keep your existing blade and use an easier to control rubber. (Faster than Dipper, but slower than Rakza7). Maybe Xiom Vega Intro (Or Butterfly Rozena). I’ve used a Timo Bill ALC (almost the same blade) with Rozena and I liked it.

01-27-2019, 06:39 PM
Just one thing: Rakza 7 takes time to break in, probably about ten hours before it becomes a little softer and with a much better feeling overall. Perhaps give it another week before making a decision.

01-27-2019, 06:55 PM
I also think the blade is very good and Maybe you can try a slower thinner and softer rubber. How long have you used the rubber? I think you need some time to adapt. And if big dipper is a tacky rubber Maybe you need to change the technique since rakza is not a tacky rubber.