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01-27-2019, 04:45 PM
Stiga Vertical 20 & 55 LP









Stiga Horizontal 20 & 55 LP









Stiga Vertical and Horizontal Long Pips

I took me a long time to post the reviews for these long pimpled rubbers since I had to ask other people to play with them also aside from me testing the LP rubbers. Each of the Vertical and Horizontal LP rubbers has 2 variants to choose from, 3 if you include the OX versions. Each of the new LPs come in with a 55 degree or 20 degree sponge hardness with varying sponge thicknesses ranging from OX, 0.3-0.6mm or 1.3mm. For those who are not aware why the 2 rubbers are named that way, it is because of the pimple arrangements of the long pips.

I would rather go directly to comparing the 2 long pips with varying hardness so that people can have a somewhat good picture about each variant.

Spin reversal – comparing both LP rubbers, both Horizontal and Vertical LPs have a very good amount of reversal. I can compare the reversal probably in the level of TSP Curl P1r for the Horizontal and slightly lower with the Vertical LP.

Chopping vs topspin – both rubbers are very spinny when chopping topspin balls but the Horizontal LP is one of the spiniest chopping LP I have tried. It is even spinnier than the previous Stiga Sculpture LP or even if I compare the Horizontal 20 to the Butterfly Feint Long 2, the difference with the spin produced is obvious. The 55 degree versions of the Horizontal and Vertical LPs have slightly less amount of defensive chopping spins because they are harder and the ball has less sponge compression.

Attacking – the Vertical 55 is the best attacking LP in the series. I would suggest that you would get at least the 1.3mm in order to maximize the speed but at the same time still have deceptive effects when blocking or flicking. The Vertical 55 was very good when I tried doing backhand to backhand rallies with it because the ball does not easily hits the net and at the same time you can either have a knuckle ball or ball with slight topspin. It produces a sharp and low arc ball when you drive the ball with acceptable amount of speed. Please note that the 1.6mm thickness Vertical LP is still slower than short pimpled rubbers.

Deception and wobble – both Horizontal and Vertical have good amount of deception and wobble but the Horizontal 20 is the one that produces more deception than the Vertical 20. Both variants have this weird wobble when you chop downwards and especially sideward grazing against the ball.

Passive Blocking – The Horizontal 20 is a better LP for passive blocking especially against strong topspins. I have noticed that the Horizontal 20 was good when using chop blocks because aside from the heavy underspin ball that comes back from it, the control was also very good. The Vertical 55 is much better for active blocking or if you want to do punch blocks.

Overall performance – I think many people will like the Vertical version because it is a somewhat an all around long pips that can chop for defense but at the same time fast and easy to attack with. The Vertical 20 in particular is the most well rounded LP from all its variants. The Horizontal 20 if you are more of a defensive chopper, then this is the best BH LP for you.

Durability – both LPs have very good durability after 1 month of chopping and attacking. I have not heard the pimples broke off despite being used by different players of different levels and styles.

04-13-2019, 02:21 PM
added reviews.

11-22-2019, 01:41 PM
I've been recommended Stiga Horizontal 55 in 1.4-1.7mm, based off my two favourite long pips being Curl P1r and P4 in 1.4-1.7mm.

I've been told it's basically a P4 style topsheet with a harder sponge, which sounds like it would suit me well, as the soft sponge is a big problem for me with P4.

Would this be correct from your testing?

11-22-2019, 06:05 PM
Sorry have not tried p4

11-22-2019, 08:23 PM
Have you tried P1r then, and if so, is Horizontal more grippy? P4 has a grippy topsheet for a long pip, more grip than P1r. Can apply backspin to no spin balls even. The major issue I had with P4 was the 20 degree sponge, so I'm looking to Horizontal 55 here as a possible solution.

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