View Full Version : Where to buy used equipment in the US (suggestions and offers welcome!)

01-30-2019, 04:58 PM
Hello, I have recently moved to the US, but I am not very familiar with the table tennis community here. I wanted to start playing table tennis again, I am looking for fair but not new equipment - used blade and used rubbers are fine as long as there are suitable for a sport level table tennis.
I looked on ebay, but I am afraid there are mostly premade bats and that (as we all know) sucks :D So I wondered if there won't be any other website. I don't want to buy anything expensive, I am looking to pay up to 80$ (for used blade and used rubbers).
1) is there any website with used table tennis stuff?
2) is anybody offering something (I am shakehand attacking player, previously had tenergy 05, tenergy 80fx anddonic bluefire jp02, but I will be happy for any reasonable soft pimple in rubber like Donic Bluefire, Tenergy, Stiga, Joola with balanced spin/speed)
Let me know,

Tony's Table Tennis
01-30-2019, 05:16 PM
buy on forums
there is a NA forum called MyTT
and this forum has also lots of American members
good luck

01-30-2019, 05:33 PM
MyTT= http://www.mytabletennis.net

01-30-2019, 06:47 PM
Yup mytt is the site.

01-30-2019, 08:35 PM
Thank you guys, I will check it.

01-31-2019, 01:48 AM
Ask players in your club. They may have equipment for sale.

BTW, where are you? Maybe we can provide better help.

01-31-2019, 01:51 AM
PM ttd member erm. He is also emihet on mytt.

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