View Full Version : Purchasing Tickets for Tournaments?

04-24-2019, 02:16 AM
Does anyone have experience with purchasing tickets for tournaments? Specifically, I'm interested in the China open taking place this year in Shenzhen from May 30-June 2.

Normally, purchasing tournament tickets will redirect to some English website hosted by the ITTF. However, looking back at last year's tournament information page, the official event page to purchase tickets directs to this Chinese website? Also, is it even worth trying to compete for tickets given how many people from China will be attending?

Last year's page - https://www.ittf.com/tournament/2817/2018/2018-ittf-world-tour-china-open/

Official event site button directs to this ticket page from last year - https://piao.damai.cn/149543.html

This year's page - https://www.ittf.com/tournament/5003/2019/2019-ittf-world-tour-china-open/

Thanks in advance