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06-20-2019, 06:48 AM
First, sorry for the stinky photo ;)


Well, I bought 10 pairs for 20 euros /2 euro a pair/ of these about 3 years ago and they served me very well, but now they have passed away.
These beautifull socks are very well cushioned on the hills and toes and are extre cushioned on the lower metatarsal area, and with an elastic ribbon support in the higher metatarsal area. Perfect. You see, the more non-slipping are the boots and no matter how good are the insoles, foots are slipping inside the boots and this slippings are making the skin sore especially on the lower metatarsal area, where the pressure and the swing are greatest. Sole and innersole cushioning are a good thing, but they can soften the pressure only, not the inside slipping, so the good mediation of the socks cushioning helps a lot.
The problem is that now I can't find anything with a similar quality. I've found some "specials", but much more expensive and far away from those in quality. Here is the cheapest example, 8 euro:


Well, they look nice, but in fact the cushioning is insufficient.

So, share you experience and ideas.

06-20-2019, 07:45 AM
TT eats socks for breakfast, that I know. I've ordered 10 new pairs of Li-Ning socks to keep me in play for another 6-12 months.