View Full Version : You should study this FOOTWORK from FZD!

10-16-2019, 11:38 AM
Check out this amazing footwork from FZD at the german open 2019!


10-16-2019, 04:02 PM
We can watch and study however many times we want but we won't acquire it.

10-16-2019, 04:15 PM
I'm sure this will be taken by some as "he thinks FZD doesn't have great footwork." He does. We all know that.

But I did kinda find funny the very first highlight a play where he was reaching and just hit a great shot. To me that wasn't a demonstration of great footwork rather of pure athleticism & quickness. Just my 2 cents.

Post edit: Finished watching the video. Figured it was a video demonstrating several good footwork shots only to find it was this one point. IDK. Quickness. Sure. Also being in your low 20s doesn't hurt. ;) But I don't know if this would be the point I'd reference as the inspirational video for footwork.

10-16-2019, 07:26 PM
But my quads are nowhere near as large as FZDs [emoji12]

10-16-2019, 10:52 PM
But my quads are nowhere near as large as FZDs [emoji12]

Better start doing those squats, TT is achangin' have to keep up with the quad size meta!

10-17-2019, 12:14 AM
To achieve that, you also need to be physically super fit.