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Zvokovski Kuznetzova
11-04-2019, 06:03 PM
I learned the history about pong balls.

I knew we used to use 38mm selulose (non-poly) ball, but that's no more

After that we moved to 40mm (still selulose) ball (marked 40)

And recently we moved to poly-ball that is slightly larger than 40mm (marked 40+)

And about its star rating that ranging from 1 to 3 (from ittf).

I wasn't always this aware that I bought nittaku yellow 40 3 stars ittf approved (i only searched what's cheap) but I never really liked the feeling. However, I always used my friend's balls (she used G40+ butterfly) and I like it much better. After doing a bit researching now I realize why I dislike my "yellow ball" and I perfectly know the reason and difference between mine and hers (because mine was 40mm old selulose ball, not poly - but good relief tho I am already liking poly ball without really trying while maybe other still love 40 and just can't move on to new poly-ball).

But there are many...poly-ball(?) Like G40+, A40+, V40+ ? I understand the 40+ part but kind of confused with G, A, V, or whatever.
I kinda know that it's just branding (butterfly, double fish, etc), but I even read in forum that many hates G40+ and calls it worst / not poly-ball.

I mean, what nonsense is that, I know I haven't really tried other poly ball (I have played with DHS 40+ and Tibharr several times, but yeah..), but I personally think G40+ is okay (it's ittf approved, after all right?)

Maybe there's something to be discussed here? Comparison, etc...

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11-05-2019, 05:38 AM
Blame this dude for the 40+ mess.

Spank this dude for pushing the 40mm.

Anyway. Strictly speaking, there are only 3-star balls for international competitions. The 1-star and 2-star are designations by the manufacturers for balls that don't meet the specs for 3-star.

There are ONLY 5 manufacturers in the world that produce balls. 3 in China(Double Happiness, Double Fish, and XuShaoFa), 1 in Japan(Nittaku) and 1 in Germany(Weener Plastics).

DHS, DFish and Nittaku have been producing balls for ages. XSF and Weener Plastics are newcomers. DHS/DFish have the best bang for the buck.

For 40+, there are 2 types - seamed and seamless. For seamed, there are 2 types of material - cellulose acetate and ABS. For seamless, it could be made of a multitude of material.

40+ without the letter, seamed and made in China - cellulose acetate. Deprecated and not used for international competitions anymore.

40+ seamed and made in Japan - ABS. Nittaku Premium 40+. First ABS ball to be marketed in 2014. Regularly used for international competitions.

D40+, V40+, A40+ etc. seamed and made in China - ABS. DHS D40+, DFish V40+... The others are rebranded. Frequently used for international competitions.

G40+ seamed and made in Germany - could be ABS, SBC, MBS, MABS, PC, PS or a combination of those.

S40+ seamed and made in Germany - ABS.

Seamless and made in China - mostly PC the last time I checked.

11-05-2019, 07:34 AM
OK, but its the Butterfly S40+ that is made in Germany and its not seamless, its seamed.
Yinhe S40+ is seamless and as all seamless is produced in China by the Minkow factory under XSF patent.

Zvokovski Kuznetzova
11-05-2019, 02:22 PM
Seam or seamless ball then?

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