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12-14-2019, 08:44 AM
Hi All,

I am an intermediate level player (27 years old) trying to move to the advanced level. I am playing with Mark v rubbers and Stiga ARC blade since 5 years - not continuously. I have started playing seriously and regularly again since 3 months and am planning to upgrade my bat as per my strengths and weaknesses.

My game - Little aggressive on my forehand. Mostly close to the table push and block before going for the kill shot- not much loop in that, very little topspin). In backhand, my game is 90% push and block and in very rare cases go for flat hits or hits with very little topspin. I had stopped hitting through my backhand due to shoulder pain, but I am now trying to be little offensive with my backhand too.

Strengths - I am somewhat consistent with blocks and pushes from both my backhand and forehand side and generally wait for my opponent to make an error or give any kind of room in my forehand.

Weekness- Decent Sidespin service return(both short and long) - If the serve in backhand, there is lot of problem in picking the spin. In forehand I can slow loop and try to flick. I am working on these.

What I am thinking to upgraded too -

Blade - Avalox AVX J - Tech
Rubber FH - Yasaka Rakza 7 max
Rubber BH - SpinLord Gipfelsturm 1.5 (confused between 1.5 and 1.8)

Could you please advice if these would suit my style. Also, please comment on the rubber width(1.5 or 1.8). I understand that shifting to pimples after playing 15 years with inverted rubbers is no easy task, but I think it will help me a little in returning great sidespin serves(I know there is no shortcut, but still want to try pimples). I tried with a long pimple - ox rubber and found it no fun and too difficult to play. But, maybe that was due to no sponge. I have heard that this particular rubber (spinlord gipfelsturm) is very different than other pimple rubbers. It would be really helpful if you could please provide your inputs.

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12-14-2019, 11:22 AM
Cannot force you not to change but service receive is a skill that cannot be directly compensated by changing to pips out rubbers.

12-14-2019, 11:35 AM
Cannot force you not to change but service rece8ve is a skill that cannot be directly compensated by changing to pips out rubbers.

I understand that and agree with you completely. I just want to know if using pimples on my backhand will improve my game overall as I am not able to find any long/medium pips with sponge rubber to try with.

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12-14-2019, 11:58 AM
Hi rkuma,

Don't be offended, but you are way to early on to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Also, changing to ips backhand will not improve your game, if anything, an extra few more weeks of adaptation.

IMO, I'm a penhold player recently experimenting with shakehand (short pips forehand). There is absolutely no chance I would cover up the beautiful shakehand backhand with any kind of pips.

12-14-2019, 12:50 PM
Trying pips-out is really not a big deal. People talk about it like it's converting religions or changing nationality. It's just one sheet of rubber.

I hadn't heard of this gimpfelsturm rubber so I read some reviews. It seems to be a long pips you can (in theory) attack with. But attacking with long pips is very difficult. You might want to try a simple short pips instead, if you want to attack. Something like 802-40. If you want to defend at the table then this long pips may be a good choice. Personally I find long pips nearly impossible to control for anything but chopping and give major respect to anyone who can use them to a high level.

The Pong Professor
12-14-2019, 05:58 PM
The 802-40 is a good first short pimpled rubber when changing over. The traditional Spectol is also a good starting point. From there you can experiment if you want more knuckle ball effect (harder to control, more difficult for opponents) or a cleaner direct driving/blocking short pip (easier to control; easier for opponents)