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02-14-2012, 05:16 PM
So you can see my current setup to the left, which I would like to change soon. I have another bat with long pimples for fun and it has a globe 999 on the fh, and I thought the globe999 felt really nice when playing with it. Now I want to buy a blade that would do well with a chinese rubber (im going to try out DHS Hurricane Neo Provincial & Globe 999 Blue Sponge) and see if I like it, if it turns out badly, I'll just upgrade my Donic Baracuda to another european rubber. Was also thinking of upgrading my bh rubber to a Tenergy 05, however I'm not sure yet if I'm going to do that, the upgrade might be too big. So I'm actually looking for a blade that would do well with either an european/chinese setup or european/european setup in case I won't like the chinese rubbers :)

I've read that a full wood blade gives much better feeling than a blade with carbon, so I was thinking to change that too. I've come across the Stiga Clipper as a very good blade, but, I really like how my Waldner Senso Carbon has a hollow, light handle and its total weight is great (a bit head heavy). Now theres also a WRB version, do you think I should get the WRB or the normal stiga clipper? Is the hollow handle from the WRB the same as the handle from my WSC? Or should I get something totally different? I would like to hear what you guys think.

Oh, and I play an offensive topspin game, and loop mostly. I like to play close to the table and mid distance too. I play -hoofdklasse- in the Netherlands, so I'm not sure what level that would be elsewhere. I'd say it's intermediate level. :p

02-14-2012, 05:27 PM
WRB is nice. Stiga Clipper is a great blade. The regular handle is actually hollow also but the WRB is more hollow. The Clipper is a tiny bit head heavy without WRB. With WRB it is pretty decently head heavy. It feels good that way to me. But if you like head heavy go with WRB. The Clipper WRB's handle will be a little more hollowed out than the the Donic Senso handle; not much but a little. :)

02-14-2012, 05:30 PM
Oh, and if you look at my rubber combination, Clipper works great with both Chinese rubbers and Euro rubbers. I have a feeling you will like it. If you have a weight preference you should call in when you order and get them to weigh blades until you get one that is the weight you want. I did that with mine and asked for something around 90 grams. My Clipper is 89 grams. Perfect weight for me.

02-14-2012, 10:17 PM
clipper is the best 7 ply blade that ive tried, it has transcended decades and tested through time, it is used by pros then and up till now. the best thing is it combines well with chinese and euro/jap rubbers, it also has enough power for modern aggressive game, the only con that i can think of is that the blade itself is really heavy but if you dont mind the weight then its really 1 of the best, its all a matter of preference, i myself dont like the wrb because it makes the blade head heavy but if you like the senso handle of WSC then wrb is the counterpart of it.

02-15-2012, 03:49 PM
Thanks for the tips, I guess I'll try this blade out soon.