View Full Version : similar pimples rubbers as TSP curl P & H

02-23-2012, 04:52 PM
Hi, I'm new on this forum and also begin to play with long pimples on my backhand since september 2011. I tried different one starting with friendship 837,855 and then dawei 338-d and then went on long soft pimples like neptune 899 and then tsp curl pr-1. I finally end up with tsp curl p & H with .03 sponge. I,m a modern defensive player and use the long pimples to change the tempo make the opponent to make mistake and give me the opportinity to attack with my forehand basically with top spin. I usely play near th table. A bit like panagiotis. The last pimple is presently the one that gave me the all around play that I like. the pimples are stiff and long. I can chop, chop block, block, counter, can generated " top spin " ( same motion as an inverted rubber). I'M asking is there a rubber similar to that one that can give me a little more inversion spin for my chop and maybe a little bit more speed. I read a lot and feint long 2 would be maybe a choice. Maybe something else. I'm waiting for your answer.

02-23-2012, 07:53 PM
Take curl p-1r 1.0mm if you want more spin on your chop. My brother user to play with that but changed to 1,5mm 6 months ago because his level rose and he has to go further away from the table now. Last summer when I was practicing in China i Played with Li Jie and Han Ying and I have to say my brother could make just as much spin as they did. Only down side to that rubber I can say is spin variation. You will make heavy spin no matter what and that makes it easier to the attacker after a while. Both of my brothers have tried feint 2. Me being on the attacking side I can say that it doesn't produce half the spin curl does.

02-23-2012, 08:28 PM
Thank you for the info but I was on tsp curl pr-1 before for about a month and the problem is the high difficulties with counter or "top spin" ( same motion as inverted). As it does a lot of spin inversion It was very difficult spécially against small chop or floatball. It was too long or right into the net. Push were also to short and were going into the net to often. If I didn't really work the shot ( active) It didn't do any good. Its all in or onthing with that pimple. For chopping far from the table PR-1 is the best. This is why I changed to a more all around pimple. Is your brother was an all around defender or more a classic defender fra from the table ?

02-23-2012, 08:50 PM
I see. My brother is a modern defender. He has had the same kind of problems but that's all solvable by twiddling. Initially it won't feel good but you can twiddle your racket when your not playing and it will come naturally soon. Fast no spin should be the only problem left. Those you will just have to learn to cope with.

02-24-2012, 04:36 AM
so.. someone has an idea of a rubber similar to TSP curl p & H but with more spin and speed but to keep the all around play I do.

By the way I just came back from a 2hrs 30 minutes of practice and boy do I can control that pimple !!! I was countering, chop block, chop and top spin at will. The partner at the end of the session didn't know what to expect for the next shot. What ever he was bringing me the rubbers has a full control !! Full pleasure.