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06-17-2020, 10:43 AM
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Hey guys!
I am an amateur of table tennis.
I have played recreationally for several years and I based all my technique on YouTube recordings.
My sport inspiration is Zhang Jike, whose technique I watched since the beginning.
Unfortunately, after 2 years of playing Table tennis (in college), I got an injury that took me away from the sport for 4 years. After this time, I decided to come back and take the sport seriously.
During the year, my goal is to prepare technique and physical fitness to join a league club.
I will be sharing with you my progress, TT training, and motor / physical preparation. I will try to show what mistakes I make and how to correct them under the guidance of a trainer.
Follow my path to a professional player.

I would like to invite you to my page.


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06-17-2020, 05:24 PM
Do you have any video footage of you playing matches or training?

Also, when you say, "professional" can you clarify what you mean by that? Like do you mean, decent level amateur player? Someone who coaches? Someone who makes a living playing table tennis? Top 10 in your country? Top 50 in the world?

Different people mean different things when they say they want to become a "professional" table tennis player.