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03-09-2012, 02:41 PM

I started playing this fall. I use a Stiga Cobra racket with an allround classic blade. I really like the racket, the grip and the blade, but it is old, and I have never changed the rubbers. The racket was bought about 10 years ago when I played table tennis in a club for 5 months before quitting. Since then it has been in its case, not opened until this fall. The racket still has spin in it, believe it or not: I'm able to loop and chop pretty well, but I'm starting to feel that some _more_ spin might help in developing my serves.

For instance, doing a side/top pendulum serve I find it difficult to get more than two bounces on the other side of the table, even when I'm serving really low (I'm using a line when I practice to make sure).

Perhaps I should just try buying new rubbers for the STIGA Cobra. But the prices are high, and I'm not sure I would be able to afford a new racket/rubber for quite some time after that. I feel like an intermediate more than a beginner, and I'm afraid I might be slowing my development by buying a slow racket.

I'm not an expert on the rubbers the pro's use. Do most of them use faster rubbers than STIGA Cobra? I heard somewhere that Ma Long for instance plays with slower rubbers - is this true?

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03-10-2012, 03:28 PM
I think if you want to improve, you definately need good equipment.
You can only understand spin if you have spinny rubbers yourself.

I just compiled a new blade for an intermediate player in my club which should suit him very well, and the price is still decent:
Rubber option 1:http://sporteurope.nl/ProductDetails.aspx?MainCatCode=TTMUNDO&ProductCode=TIB0200011&CurrentCategory=&CatCode=RUBBCTT&SelectedCat=|RUBBERTTE|RUBBCTT|
Rubber option 2: http://sporteurope.nl/ProductDetails.aspx?MainCatCode=TTMUNDO&ProductCode=AND0200126&CurrentCategory=&CatCode=RUBBCTT&SelectedCat=|RUBBERTTE|RUBBCTT|

I think this is a never-fail setup, unless you never spin and are a rather defensive chopping player or so...

(Sriver FX is always a good option as well, but a little more expensive than the varispin)

03-11-2012, 09:32 PM
Great site Alvarox!! Didn't know it even existed:)

03-11-2012, 10:24 PM
If you like the blade, stick with it. Then, the rubbers should be changed at least once a year, since they wont stay fresh forever you know ;)

But it all depends on how much you practise... I change rubbers every 3rd or 4th week, and also play fresh rubbers in competitions. Partly because I'm sponsored so it doesn't cost me much, and partly because the new rubbers perform better. And since I practise so much, the rubbers gets worn out faster.

Tips on medium fast rubbers? Try some offensive rubbers from the glue era, like Mark V or something... They'll be allright for now, then when you feel confident you can take it up a notch. :)

And greatest welcome to the forum rooklynbounce! :D