View Full Version : Playing against defensive short players

10-24-2020, 03:58 PM
I have a problem with playing against players who are more defensive and are table huggers who somehow also play the ball short leaving me little chances on looping the ball due too it being short and not really past the table. Is there a way to open up and have them play longer strokes so I can begin my offensive looping? Without feeling diavantaged and playing on there terms as this is what they are good at and im playing the way they want me too forcing me to push and push more. They usually play like a pusher but there strokes are more like short smashes that are fast and low almost like a short pip hitter style
I can open up with topspin but it seems like when I do they still keep it low and short at that point where Im forced to win by ball placement and serves to corners

10-24-2020, 07:21 PM
Make topspin so will it be harder to block short. Also learn to move the feet, step-in on short balls would be good to learn.

10-24-2020, 07:52 PM
If they are truly defensive or passive players who do not initiate the attack first, might be worth pushing deep and low with a lot of underspin. This would force the return push to be long as well - and voila - here is your chance to loop. Deep fast serves should also have the same effect.