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10-26-2020, 04:34 AM
Well as y'all may know by now hinoki is a very soft wood and it's prone to scratch's and dents if you are not careful. If you are like me and hate dents and scratch's you try to find a solution on removing them... Being an EJ :cool: and spending money on expensive hinoki blades you would like to keep it in Pristine condition as long as possible for most dents this works to a certain degree...

First examine dent a make sure material has not been removed for this to work this is for dents inwards without lost of material on surface, you can not raise wood that was not there in the first place. When wood is dented it is only pushed in while if it was splintered or scratched off it can not be replaced only filled...
Softwoods like hinoki naturally have a tendency to want to return to its original state before damage so this trick will remove them unsightly dents.

Second prepare the area by filling dent with water and leaving it for a minute or two for it to soak in, I know hinoki does not like water but this will remove dents
After that has been done prepare iron and have it on the highest steam setting
Make sure it produces steam then you will wet a towel or rag and wrong out excess water and cover unsightly dent with towel

Third go over the towel above dent with iron and iron the area around the dented area and steam the area carefully
the steam will naturally raise dent without harm to the actual blade
Inspect area and you will see a major difference astetically
Continue to steam and iron out area till it return to its original state be sure to continually add water to towel to keep it moist and make sure iron is producing steam as this is the reason it causes the dent to raise

I have tested this with painted and varnished hinoki surfaces they do work in the same manner but they do take a little longer as it does not absorb water into the wood surface as well as untuched hinoki
You may need to sand the varnish off beforehand if you want to increase the rise of the dent to original state. If needed light sanding to the wood surface after you are done steaming will promise you a clean flat surface.

This has been tested and proven on a couple of my blades but please take this tutorial with caution it worked for multiple blades of mine personally but it may not work for you.

There are many articles online about removing dents and scratches off of softwood floors online with an iron and steam and I do advise you to research and read articles beforehand as is the process is the same from wood hinoki floors to one ply hinoki I also do imagine that this also works for other softwood blades to good extent.

11-02-2020, 12:30 PM
Nice story. Thanks for sharing