View Full Version : Use short pips again, 802 or 802-40?

03-28-2021, 07:35 PM
Guys, im um doubt with these two, im looking for flat hit and block, also good for chop away from table. Im penholder and im looking for a style with hitting and blocking and using tpb like He Zhi Wen but with RPB for attack.
802-40 (the normal one, 35º sponge on cover "special supersoft pro") or the 802 Mystery III?
looking for 802-40 2.0mm 35º
​​​and 802 2.1mm 35º.
I used kokutaku 119 about 1month but come back to inverted rubber because peoples talk me to change. But now im looking for pips now, i percept this is my style.

03-28-2021, 07:51 PM
Special super soft that you buy from Europe is rock hard in my opinion. I could basically kill you with it. I have not figured it out if there are differents scales of hardness? I bought two sheets of 802-40 that actually were soft. I can imagine some can elaborate further on this.

I also think that you should use a short pimple with built in glue effect.

If you should have a pimple rubber with less or more grip depends on how you want to play. Get more effect with less grip but i also think it is much harder to play with.

I would recommend trying a softer short pimple with grip. I have tried a lot of short pimple rubbers and think Victas VO102 is the best for me.

I play shakehand. Since you play with penhold maybe you can have a harder less grippy short pimple since you can play much closer to the table since the backhand do not need so much space and maybe aswell since you proably will do mostly blocking with tpb. Do not understand why you would play tpb? very difficult to only play with short pimples. Reverse penhold backhand and short pimple on the forehand would be a much better combination in my humble opinion.

03-28-2021, 08:07 PM
Thanks Lula, the 802-40 im looking is in presports, Malaysia. but now with your advices i will look more 802 because the softeness and non much grippy, but have a litte bit. About tpb, i played much tpb on the beggining lol, now im only RPB. I dont lose the tpb caracteristics and looking for it because for me is more natural to placement and im looking for block and hit style, tpb is most natural. But im thiking only placement my rpb blocks better this is the solution I think lol :P
Like Tin Tin Ho style.