View Full Version : Any Leagues or Tournaments near Altus, OK?

07-02-2021, 01:32 AM
I’ll be in Altus until November, where I’ll then be moving to Japan. I’ve been attempting to find local leagues or tournaments that I can compete in but I can’t seem to find anything reasonably close. Everything table tennis related seems to be a minimum of two hours away and this doesn’t seem feasible.

07-02-2021, 03:31 AM
I look at this thread an LOL like Woody Woodpecker.


07-02-2021, 03:36 AM
I can laugh, because I actually lived in Oklahoma in the THIRD LARGEST CITY in OK, but I was the ONLY REGISTERED PLAYER in the entire city.

OKC was almost 2 hr drive away, so mission impossible to do after work. There was, and likely still is a club in OKC, it has moved a couple times.

So dude, you are looking at almost a 3 hr drive.

Of course, some Church in your area has a table stored in some backroom with cobwebs all over it... so you gunna need some luch and an ability to quickly train unskilled players.

You got until November, so get your Remo Williams on.

My TT situation there did not improve until I moved to Korea... since you are moving to Japan, do your best to qualify yourself to move and live there, then pick it back up over there. It ain't happenin' in OK for TT, unless you live around OKC.

07-02-2021, 04:01 AM
Unfortunate to hear that! I’ll at least be able to play using a table that’s at my work place. I have some amateur players to practice with in the mean time. I’ll be living on Okinawa and I’m looking forward to having 4+ clubs within twenty minutes of my home there.