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07-31-2021, 05:44 AM
I have been testing these two long pips rubbers. They are are truly amazing. I used to be a far away from the table chopper. I have tried so many older long pips rubbers to force myself to block from close to the table (like frictionless blockers) . But none of the rubbers like Tibhar Dtec or GD Dragon Talon or 388 D , 388D-1 etc even worked for me at all even for blocking and of course since they are designed for blocking, it also did not work for away from chopping either as the trajectories are so flat and ball goes into the net.
Then I found these two rubbers. I never knew to both chop & block like this before. I am still not good at close to the table blocking but these two rubbers have given me so much confidence that I can just chop and suddenly step in and block & the results are deadly. The crazy part is that chopping is a dream & I get so much backspin with both these rubbers lot more than older dedicated chopping rubbers such as Feint Long 3 , KTL Stranger etc. I can visually see the sense of desperation from the loopers, most of which are 1700-2100 level. I still need to design several proper chop & block patterns . One of which would be that I chop a few balls away from table to set up the looper and when they move to their deep forehand to continue looping, I can step in and hopefully block to their deep forehand. Funny thing is that it just does not seem to matter where I place the ball on the table because the spin reversal out of my blocks is almost like the heavy chop using an old Feint Long 3 or KTL Stranger (I have like 10 sheets of KTL stranger on several setups) but they seem like garbage now. I never bought Feint Long 3 because it is expensive though Feint Long is the only rubber I used 25 or 30 years ago.
Another even more crazy thing is what happens when I force the looper to push with my super-heavy chops. With older longer pips, the ball does not come out of the table. When I was younger I could easily reach in & often loop kill or smash from my inverted forehand if I wanted. But now I have back issues & I can’t handle being pulled in & out like a puppet by these loopers. But with these two rubbers the balls pushed by the loopers comes way out of the table. This is so convenient for me because I don’t have to rush into the table like I had to when I used older long pips rubbers.
I have tried similar rubbers like these like 10 years ago before but I was playing very little and gave up on these rubbers. But these types of rubbers have improved so much. I can’t imagine going back to KTL stranger. It is a great chopping & hitting rubber (if I could hit but I am not fast enough anymore or don’t have the mental motivation) but the backspin with KTL looks like chopping with no backspin using a short pips rubber OMG.
What can I say. I know I am not going to improve my rating and even break 2200 (though I fantasize cracking 2300 using perfect chop and block patterns & developing a good forehand fade loop to even half match my vicious forehand hook loop) because of age & lack of motivation but at least I will have fun as long as I can play. You really owe it to yourself to try these rubbers.

07-31-2021, 08:38 AM
What rubbers are you talking about, or am I blind?

07-31-2021, 03:14 PM
No clue but it's definitely not FL3

08-02-2021, 05:27 PM
Bryce HighSpeed probably.